Our Story

Mecvil was founded in 1979 and today is a world leader in design and
manufacturing of cabin filter assembly lines as well as in the field of
automation for the automotive and electromechanical sector  and the white goods


Mec-Vil is a factory that has long ago oriented its production on a precise
technological basis, with high reliability and productivity characteristics.
A common feature of these systems in their strength and multi-purposedness,
which permit to integrate, in the same unit, operations or tecnological cycles
quite different from one another, all this whith an evident economical

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Clienti Soddisfatti


The attention to detail during the design and production phases combined with
forty years of experience in the field, allow high levels of efficiency to be
reached for any assembly machine requirements.
  •  The project is managed in accordance with consolidated project management techniques.
    The customer will have one single point of reference in the Project Manager for the whole duration of the project, from the definition of the specification of supply to after-sales service.
  • The mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and software engineering are handled by internal Mecvil staff, with proven skill and experience.
  • The project is regularly shared with the customer, for the purpose of making use of his skills concerning the product and its processing, together with experience gained on from the automatic processes of Mecvil.
  • The machining of critical mechanical components is made in Mecvil, using the internalworkshop.
  • The installation of systems is entrusted to Mecvil staff, both for on-board devices and electric cabinet.
  • The work- stations are designed to ensure accessibility for maintenance and / or changeover.
  • The technical solutions adopted allow a simple and intuitive setup and adjustment of the machine.
  • Any critical situation of the assembly process will be analyzed in advance through appropriate virtual simulation tools and prototyping.
  • The components used are of high quality, made by manufacturers of international repute and easily available.
  • Expertise and experience enable the most suitable selection in case of usage of special components (laser marking, vision systems, welding, robotics, acquisition and post processing of data).

Our Services

Mecvil operates through specialized technicians inside the company whose
skills ( electromechanical, software and technical design) are constantly updated.
our strength lies in our continuous ability to adapt to customer needs , being
able to offer a high level service and able to reach effective and innovative solutions in a short time .
The experience gained over the years and the opportunity to work constantly with
customers with specific needs for advanced automation and mechanization,
they guarantee today a great internal capacity for managing all types of
complexity  from design to final testing.

Research and Development

The research and development function makes it possible to propose solutions
capable of generating economies of scale for the customer,
making the plants intelligent by which it is possible to reallocate the
operations of the personnel employed to the machines more effectively.
The study of new work models constantly feeds the internal design function.

Pre-design analysis

Before starting the actual design phase, studies are carried out to
preliminarily evaluate all the hypotheses, opportunities or solutions.
During the preliminary analysis each phase of the production process is studied
and planned in detail: for example, the choice of components, the procurement of
materials, logistics, energy resources, they are the subject of simulation and
in-depth analysis before the transition to design and construction.

Planning & Construction

After the pre-analysis phase we move on to the actual planning (3d Inventor,
Creo, 2D Autocad) considering whether to build an automation based on models
already created in the past, making the appropriate customizations, or proceed
with the creation of completely new systems tailored for the customer.
Today Mecvil is part of the process of evolution INDUSTRY 4.0 as regards the
computerization of production, designs production lines that can be configured
automatically to optimize productivity and quality.

Functional Testing and Maintenance

After the quality control of the product, MECVIL guarantees a constant
maintenance activity of the plant through its specialized technicians.
The main objective is to offer a punctual service programmed with the customer
based on the technical characteristics of the machine, of the type of wear
expected of the individual components installed.

Quality Check

In this phase there is a check on the aesthetic correspondence of the product or
parts of it, compared to what is specified in the customer supply specifications
and by and by the laws that regulate it the resulting added value is given by the extreme precision in the production phases involved.

Revamping & Revision

The company is able to implement old systems with new technologies
solutions are proposed that can offer greater efficiency, taking care to
integrate new systems and technologies only when considered strictly necessary.

Project Management

Total product care : attention to project management for automations under
  •  Technical-economic proposal with relative pre-project analysis
  •  Order and project launch
  •  Mechanical design
  •  Project approval
  •  Automation realization
  •  Functional testing at Mecvil’s factory
  •  Customer training
  •  Installation at customer’s factory
  •  Final acceptance
  •  Post sales assistance


Collaboriamo con il Politecnico di Torino per inserimento in azienda di ingegneri meccanici e tecnici dell’automazione