Cabin Air Filter

Mecvil is a world leader in the design development and construction of special
cabin filter assembly machines
Our lines are used by companies worldwide as

  • Original Equipment
  • Aftermarket

robotic island

Cabin Filter Assembly Line with Cosmek

Cabin Filter Assembly line with JCEM

Traditional Cabin Air Filter

We offer the line with brushless motors, one each group and interpolation to all motors
separately adjustable. In this way is possible to decrease the changing time for the reason
that you do not change any component.
The productivity of the machine is bounded to the material type, cutting operation and filters length and width.
The line is designed to automatically do:

  • Pleating Machine
  • Laser system to measure the distance among all the pleats entering in the machine
  • Vision system to check the cut position, by camera view, placed over the pleated media entering in the machine.
  • Paper pitch- fixing group
  • Side band (border) unwinders
  • Side borders feeding group
  • Automatic Cut Group
  • Cutting dust aspiration unit
  • Covering roof for the entire line
  • Ink Jet Marking System


This machine is designed to execute the processing of the trapezoidal passenger cabin filter.
The process applied is to get the trapezoidal cabin filter from the classic rectangular two side
banding filter.
With the same machine, the missing 3rd and 4th edges can be assembled on the
rectangular filter.
The line is designed to automatically do:

  • Four exceeding lateral edges borders cut.
  • Transversal cut of the filter corner.
  • Lateral border gluing on oblique side and precision cut of exceeding borders
  • Protective tape removal and gluing of
    perimetric sponge.
  • Hot-melt application on 4th filter side.
  • Felt gluing on 4th filter side.
  • Positioning of the assembled filter on motorized belt for the unloading phase.
  • Lateral border application on 3rd and 4th of rectangular filter sides.
  • Border appliance on top of the pleats as alternative to other
  • Execution of incisions on trapezoidal filter perimeter if their position permits
    the robotic arm travel.
  • Alternate incisions on the trapezoidal filter perimeter is possible by additional cut group.